My Stress Remedy

Life is tough sometimes. Some days, everything goes your way. You are in a state of pure bliss and happiness and loving life stress-free. And then, for whatever reasons, things shift. Suddenly nothing is going as you plan and even simple tasks seem like climbing a mountain with two broken legs. So what do you do when events that are out of your control keep bringing you down?

I break out the flour. 

Bring on the stress baking. It’s relaxing and not just for myself, but for anyone who knows about my stress baking habits. I don’t eat enough baked goods to finish eating what I make, so friends and family gather around to await whatever comes out of the oven. That is a key part of stress baking, though. Having everyone come around to be with you. I don’t need their coddling and praise, I just want them with me. Talk, hang out, take what is bearing down on my mind and squash it with jokes. 

I’m fine with bribing my friends and family with sweets. They seem to be okay with it too. If all it takes is a fresh loaf of banana bread to get rid of weeks worth of life-stress, I’ll gladly bake several. 


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