Journey into No-Poo: Update

Hey there, how’s it going? If you’re like me and have tried the whole no-poo thing I hope your adventure is going well! Unfortunately, I can’t say the same for me. Things were good, oh so good! And then they went bad…oh so bad. So here’s my story.

About a week after I posted my original story into me going down the poo-less path my hair started to do weird things. I’m talking funky weird things. It started feeling like wax was poured on my head each night. At this point in time I was washing my hair every 2-3 days to get the wax out with my baking soda and apple cider rinses and a good scalp massage on the days I didn’t rinse but I had no luck. I was starting to hate the smell of ACV. I wanted the melted candles out of my hair and I wanted it out NOW. This lead to some experimentation.

First, I took away the baking soda rinse. I’ve heard several people say that it makes their hair feel heavy and look dull. So I used what I had left and moved on with only ACV. Then things started to swing the other way and my hair got brittle on the ends. Maybe I used too much, maybe my concentration of 2 Tbsp per cup wasn’t enough, either way I still hated the smell of ACV. Then I heard of a wonderful substitute: lemon juice. None of the smelly vinegar smell that smells vinegar-y! I researched it for a little while and the general consensus is that the mixture needs to be refrigerated (but mine has been in the shower now for, oh, a month almost and there’s no weird smells and no weird fuzzies are floating in it so I’m assuming it’s still good).

At first, I used the lemon juice straight. Just sheer citrus power! And it worked. No icky gunky feeling! There was one problem, though. Once it started to get rid of the greasy gross grey wax in my hair, it started going overboard and my hair started looking flat and unhealthy. Balance is key and I hadn’t found it yet. I filled my spray bottle with water plus the 1/4 cup-ish of lemon juice that remained and went to work. As far as my hair looks, everything is nice and sorted out. Now my hair looks shiny, it has plenty of body, and it doesn’t look unclean. But the gross grey gunk in my hairbrush is back and it won’t. Go. Away.

I guess the main thing to take away from my journey so far is that there’s a balance that you need to find. Some people can use baking soda and ACV, I can’t. Some people won’t like using lemon juice. I think my regimen needs tweaking in order to get the grey wax out of my hairbrush and (more importantly) out of my hair. I’ve tried looking up this problem, but returned very few results (most suggested removing baking soda from the cycle…). Anyone else tried no-poo and gone through the grey wax in the brush phase? Any pro tips for getting it out and keeping it out?


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