And We’re Live!

Since June my boyfriend and I have been hunkering down and fleshing out a business plan to start up a farm. I come from an agricultural background so I’m extra excited to get back into it! We’ve just received confirmation today that we have secured a home and property that’s already set up for our livestock choice which was one of two big obstacles, so we’re so close! What livestock have we chosen, you may ask?

ALPACA! So we wanted to get into farming but cash crop just wasn’t going to fly considering we didn’t have property or equipment. Beef is boring (that’s what I grew up with), dairy is too expensive to get into, and poultry was out as neither of us want to do that on a large scale; our own consumption only. Alpacas are great, they’re raised for their fiber which I can then make into anything and everything I can find or make a crochet pattern for. Their fiber is so much softer than wool and much warmer, too. We’re quite excited to be a part of this growing industry!

Our second obstacle to this farm is funding. The less we have to borrow from the bank to purchase our livestock (which is our largest expense by far) the better. We chose to start off our project by crowd funding through Indiegogo. If you want to learn more, check out the link:


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