I’m Sorry, Take me Back?

So I’ve been working through this no-poo thing with my hair for a while now (April? May? I’ve lost track) and I’m sorry to say I’ve cracked. I used shampoo today and I am sorry. (Sorry for all the sorry’s. I’m Canadian, it happens).

I started with the pretty common method of apple cider vinegar and baking soda rinses. This left my hair with dry, splitting ends and a grease-soaked scalp. I ditched that routine in August which was well over the 2 weeks to a month transitioning period that you’re supposed to get over. I then tried baking soda and lemon juice and then just went to the lemon juice. I tried that until September. Better ends but what is with this grey gunk and now flakes when I’ve never had a flake issue?? IT WON’T GO AWAY.

I tried scritching (basically giving yourself a good scalp scratch with a comb in a zig-zag pattern) and that sort of helped. I tried messing with the shower temperature and giving myself a cold shock at the end to help seal up my pores. I tried the water-only method at the beginning of October. I tried using castile soap for a week. Nope. I bought a cheaper boar bristle brush two weeks ago and my boyfriend was both shocked and disturbed about the amount of ew in it after each brushing. He asked me if I thought about going back to using shampoo (to which my response was basically: but I don’t wanna).

Today I used a bit of his head and shoulders for an experiment. The boar bristle brush is nice; it takes out gross and leaves hair shiny. My experiment is designed to show how much/little is brought out of my hair through the water only and with shampoo methods. If I can prove that the mysterious grey stuff has always been there then I might try to keep up the no-poo. The grey gunk and flakes need to go, though. That’s my priority. If someone has a way of dealing with this in a way that I haven’t already tried I am more than willing to take advise! Shampoo makes my skin break out and itch (I think it might be the fragrance, my skin is super sensitive to a lot of stuff, especially body wash) so I really don’t want to go back.


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