Valentines Celebrations and Why I Don’t Partake

I think Valentines Day is the reason why I dislike the overuse of the colour pink and overly-sappy couples. There is no valid foundation on what this corporate holiday is based on, it’s just a great way for companies to pick up the post-Christmas economic slump. Maybe that’s why I don’t like V-Day, or it could be the fact that I didn’t fit into the group that could until two years ago, either way I still find it overrated.

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The Less-Distant Future

Have you ever been planning on something for such a long time and then…BAM! It smacks you right in the face out of nowhere? Or even worse, had several long-term plans and then they all start compounding and suddenly plans you’ve had for months are on your doorstep and there’s no way you’re prepared to deal with them yet? Well that’s what happened to me and, man, where did the time go?

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