Valentines Celebrations and Why I Don’t Partake

I think Valentines Day is the reason why I dislike the overuse of the colour pink and overly-sappy couples. There is no valid foundation on what this corporate holiday is based on, it’s just a great way for companies to pick up the post-Christmas economic slump. Maybe that’s why I don’t like V-Day, or it could be the fact that I didn’t fit into the group that could until two years ago, either way I still find it overrated.

My first ever V-Day where I could be a part of the sickly-sweet couples didn’t turn out quite as planned. I had been seeing someone for a few months and officially dating them for over a month when the pink “holiday” rolled around. Finally, my chance to see what this was all about! Chocolates, a nice romantic date, oh yes this was going to change all those years of disdain for Feb. 14th. Except none of that happened for I had been stood up. Later I had found out that this person I was seeing started seeing someone else a grand total of one week after we were officially dating. Nice, huh? Anyway, my first Valentines sucked and I vowed to never participate in it ever again.

The year after (last year, actually) I was with someone new and wonderful and awesome (my forever someone ^.^) and when January was drawing to a close and the stores became much more pink I told him about why I don’t like V-Day. He had a similar mind-frame and we agreed that we wouldn’t let one day be the only day we have to show that we loved each other. On the 14th I came home to a bouquet of flowers and a box of chocolates. I wanted to be mad because we agreed nothing fancy but he said that I deserved to have at least one decent Valentine (yes, mushy, I know, but it was sweet). So naturally he was off the hook for that and I did have a wonderful Valentines Day.

This year we had the same conversation: no flowers, no gifts. Money needs to go to more important things than over-priced chocolate (Feb. 15th is more my favourite holiday, yay cheap chocolate). Back in December the boy made an appointment to get his wisdom teeth yanked on Feb 12th. When he told me the day I just laughed and he didn’t understand why. I mentioned something along the lines of him being drugged from the operation plus he’ll be no pain meds for a few days. He continued his confused looks. So I elaborated: you’re going to be drugged-out on Valentines so you can’t buy me flowers and chocolate! Ha!

I know a lot of people like the corporate holiday and sure, spoil your SO rotten. I prefer to be much more relaxed about how I show my SO how much I appreciate him and he’s the same way towards me. There’s nothing wrong with giving each other gifts from time-to-time but those who make finding the PERFECT V-Day present priority give me a headache. Would the person you’re buying for appreciate a small token on any other day? You bet. So why does Feb. 14th have to be so extravagant?

I still look at it from a singles point of view: too much pink, WAY too much glitter, roses are twice the amount on any other given day (plus there are so many other beautiful flowers, why do roses have to be the star? Give me tulips over roses any day!), couples who need to profess their love just one day a year need counselling, and the chocolate is just as good when purchased 50% off on Feb 15th. Oh, and wine fits into that day regardless of relationship status.

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