The Adventures of DIY Scrubs, Toothpaste, and Hair Woes

Hey, it’s been a while. How are you? How are things? Anyway, since my last post I figured I’d try out a couple of more diy things to replace the products I have in the shower/under the bathroom sink/wherever else I can stash stuff (I have a very tiny apartment). So far I’ve tried the coffee scrub (in hopes to replace my coconut scrub that I really don’t want to give up), toothpaste, and more hair experiments. I purchased a big bottle of liquid castile soap because I seem to be allergic to most liquid soaps but I’m stubborn and I want to get through the last bottle of body wash before I venture into making soaps. A little torture in the name of laziness isn’t that bad…is it? Continue reading

Getting Off the Junk: Beginning my journey into breaking up with the cosmetic industry

It’s been a while since my last post, but that’s because I’ve been busy. What have I been doing? Research. I don’t do anything drastic without researching the tar out of it and then making charts and the like, so I was quite consumed for a month. Or two. I’ve lost track. But never using synthetic cosmetic products (in which I include stuff like shampoo and other “necessary” products) takes a lot of research and a lot of courage. That’s right, I haven’t shampoo’d for two months. Continue reading

The Oops

Keep focused. Watch your hands, don’t tilt them too much. Ah, there’s the shake. Stop it. Just take a deep breath, relax, and regain your focus. This isn’t brain surgery, you’re doing fine. Put one foot in front of the other, just like that, good. Oh, watch that rug, you don’t want to trip now. Slow and steady. Remember to smile!

What was that, that bump from behind? No, don’t turn around, just make sure you haven’t dropped anything. My guess is that bump came from the same child as is making that evil laugh. No time to scold now, you’re almost there. Just ten feet. The table is so close, soon you can put down this tower of plates and give your poor arms a rest. Oh, someone dropped a knife and you just stepped on it. You’re not cut but you’re starting to do the splits. Oh, no. Warm liquids are all over your arms and the warmth is spreading to your torso. And there’s the laughter. Is that someone clapping? Applause? Really?

You know what? You’re better than this. Go back to the kitchen, someone else will clean this mess up. You’re done with this place. This looks like a good time to go back to school and make those engineer dreams a reality. Keep focused.

Memory Lane – Mum’s Cooking

I love my mum. Really, I would hope everyone does. Even when there’s been issues and falling-outs, I like to think that there’s a shred of love somewhere in your memories. I’ve been fortunate enough to be blessed with a wonderful mum who tries her darnedest to make life for my sister and I the best it possibly could be even when the going got rough. I have so many good memories of my mum but, really, it’s her cooking skills that really come through. Continue reading

My Stress Remedy

Life is tough sometimes. Some days, everything goes your way. You are in a state of pure bliss and happiness and loving life stress-free. And then, for whatever reasons, things shift. Suddenly nothing is going as you plan and even simple tasks seem like climbing a mountain with two broken legs. So what do you do when events that are out of your control keep bringing you down? Continue reading