The Adventures of DIY Scrubs, Toothpaste, and Hair Woes

Hey, it’s been a while. How are you? How are things? Anyway, since my last post I figured I’d try out a couple of more diy things to replace the products I have in the shower/under the bathroom sink/wherever else I can stash stuff (I have a very tiny apartment). So far I’ve tried the coffee scrub (in hopes to replace my coconut scrub that I really don’t want to give up), toothpaste, and more hair experiments. I purchased a big bottle of liquid castile soap because I seem to be allergic to most liquid soaps but I’m stubborn and I want to get through the last bottle of body wash before I venture into making soaps. A little torture in the name of laziness isn’t that bad…is it? Continue reading

Getting Off the Junk: Beginning my journey into breaking up with the cosmetic industry

It’s been a while since my last post, but that’s because I’ve been busy. What have I been doing? Research. I don’t do anything drastic without researching the tar out of it and then making charts and the like, so I was quite consumed for a month. Or two. I’ve lost track. But never using synthetic cosmetic products (in which I include stuff like shampoo and other “necessary” products) takes a lot of research and a lot of courage. That’s right, I haven’t shampoo’d for two months. Continue reading